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Exposing a puppy to new objects and different sound is very important. You may ask why? Exposing a puppy to different objects, surfaces, and loud noises are key to building a dog’s confidence so later in life the puppy knows now to deal with a situation that may arise.


Empire K9 specializes in real world obedience training for all breeds Empire K9 using a balance approach training method, a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement. We will show you how to become a pack leader and take control.


Empire K9 has successfully trained many dogs with common behavior problems using the Empire K9 Method. Empire K9 offers a behavior modification program to modify unwanted behaviors, such as dog to dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding (food aggression) territorial aggression.


Empire K9 specialize in real world protection training which will offer you loyalty, protection, and peace of mind. Empire K9 will need to conduct an evaluation to determine if your dog is eligible to be train in protection. Please keep in mind not all dogs can be trained in protection.

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Here’s a sneak peek in the world of Empire K9.

Welcome to Empire K9, we are a mobile base dog training company that service the Inland Empire! We offering a wide variety of services and packages for your canine-related convenience. Our team breaks down the dog training process so you gain a better understanding of your animal and how to provide it with the best care possible. Whether a new puppy has come into your life or your adult dog could use some extra training or behavior modification, it’s our job to help you four-legged family member understand that you are the pack leader!

In addition to dog training in Rancho Cucamonga, we at Empire K9 are pleased to provide protection training options. If your dog is meant for service and you want to ensure the best results every time the animal is “on the job,” talk to us. We provide comprehensive protection training that begins with a thorough evaluation. If your dog is not meant for protective services, we will let you know. Our mission is to help the Inland Empire area enjoy a population of happy, healthy, active canines, not to put potentially-dangerous or inexperienced animals in field.

We may base our dog training headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, however all services are conducted at your residence. Training always occurs indoor or outdoors, as we know how dogs thrive in the California weather. The urge to run and play is present in nearly every dog species (well, perhaps not the famously-immobile bulldog!), and we use this love of the outdoors to our advantage at every opportunity. As with humans, dogs do best in settings where they are most comfortable. We are subsequently happy to bring our Inland Empire dog obedience training services to your door.

Why deal with an unruly or poorly-behaved canine? Learn why your animal friend is experiencing behavior problems or not listening to you like it should. Our dog training classes are designed to help your pooch understand that you are the Alpha Dog and that it is you the animal should listen to at all times. Save yourself from frustration and upset from dealing with an untrained dog–take advantage of the amazing classes and packages we provide! We look forward to working with you..and meeting your fuzzy friend.

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