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Dealing with aggressive dog behavior can be tricky and difficult to work with. With the proper training and patience, aggressive behavior can be appeased. With our Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation, your dog will go back to being your best friend!

My dog is starting to become aggressive. What can I do?

The best solution for a dog starting to show aggressive behavior is to ensure that rules and boundaries are set. Positive and kind techniques through obedience training will help modify this aggressive behavior.

I've always been kind and nurturing to my dog. I don't know where it picked up aggressive behavior.

Early signs of aggressive behavior can indicate that your dog feels that everything is owed to it, causing it to become spoiled. If no rules and boundaries are set from the beginning, your dog will become aggressive at the sign of not getting was is owed to it.

What is positive training and how does it help?

Positive training techniques are the best method in correcting aggressive behavior without creating any further tension or negativity between you are your dog. Through positive training, you can teach your dog that you are in control, and through compliance to what you want, your dog will also get what it wants.

I don't want my dog to interact with other dogs. What if my dog shows aggression there too?

Dogs that are not socialized can often develop a mentality where aggression works in their favor. If your dog is still in the early stages of its aggressive behavior, it can be okay to encourage socializing with other people and dogs in a safe environment. If aggression has been a factor for quite some time, your dog may need to be desensitized to whatever is causing it and making it uncomfortable.

My dog tests my patience every time! How can I stop being angry at it?

The most important thing to remember is that your aggression will further ignite your dog’s own aggressive behavior. Using compulsions and physical corrections are not necessary when training your dog.

In need of tips in the meantime?

  • TIP #1: No physical force or aggression.

Aggressive or physical force will not correct your dog’s behavior. The use of prong collars, choke chains, shock collars, or more will only make the aggression worse.

  • TIP #2: Enable positive training techniques.

By encouraging the positive behavior you would like to see from your dog, you’ll begin to see it. Setting the example starts with you.

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